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Located at the foot of the Peaks of otter Mountains,  just a short Dirve from
Roanoke and  Lynchburg Virginia,
 Faith recording studio  is a full service audio recording studio.

Offering artists a wide-selection of services including studio recording,

editing, mixing, mastering and duplication. 


Faith Recording 

Offers its clients a place to hone their songs into stunning works of success .
Augmented by the Highest quality Digital Recording and Mixing
and masterEquipment
The Blue ridge Mountains fosters a relaxed and musical environment to

enhance your creative Workflow and keep you at ease to ensure you perfom at your very best

Faith Recording Studio engineers and house musicians will pull their 50+ years
of combined experience to provide you with a wide variety of knowledge
and music styles to pull from on all phases of production.
Working with all professional recording formats, our staff stand ready to work on
your projects at any stage of completion,  from recording, to overdubs,

to mixing and Mastering


We are 10 minutes from Bedford and 15 minutes from the Peaks of Otter Lodge
a Great place to stay over night if your looking for a Relaxed environment
to refresh for the next day work give us a call let us to take you to the next level of Recording

We Have A Drum Tuned to give the best sound on your recordings
We also have a Yamaha Clavanova 560 Digital piano with hammer
action for the real piano feel other instruments avalible
5 string electric Base, Upright Base Violin, Fender Tele Guitar
and many other instruments avalible for rent on your session.

We Record Country, Rock, Folk, Alternative, Bluegrass and Jazz. Our rates beat everyone
 around and at times we have special rates that go beyond the imagination of any one in the business.
Call us at 540 586 5602